ACES FINAL EVENT! 22/09/2020 9-12 CET

The ACES (Across Continents Electric Vehicle Services) project in short

The project investigates techno-economic system benefits of large-scale electric vehicles integration in Bornholm, augmented by real usage patterns, grid data and field-testing for across continents replicability. A full scale penetration scenario of electrical vehicles at Bornholm is simulated in order to assess how new aggregating functionalities - both technically and economically - can support a successful integration of electric vehicles into the energy system. The simulation activities are complemented by a pilot project involving publicly and privately owned Nissan vehicles and V2G chargers to prove that EVs can be used for effectively balance the system.

Although focusing on a Danish context, the analysis will be enhanced by also comparing existing electricity market services in UK and in Japan, taking advantage by the strong collaboration established with the Japanese and UK based research centers of Nissan. The local utility Bornholm Energi & Forsyning (former Østkraft) will participate into the project in order to provide data and benefit from the analysis and small scale pilot run in the project. NUVVE, which has actively participated in Nikola project and is currently involved also in Parker project, provides technical support and expertise on aggregation services.

Building on the preceding research efforts, ACES will scale up the technology as to understand and quantify the full impact of the electrical vehicle as a provider of flexibility and critical properties to a power system and its markets. This implies investigating the electrical vehicles potential in relation to the needs identified in the strategy of the Danish market development, which can be applied to markets beyond the Nordic system.

The ACES project is part of Center for Electric Power and Energy / DTU Elektro's project portfolio.

For further information you are welcome to contact the project leader Mattia Marinelli.

Project facts

Partners: Technical University of Denmark (DTU); Nissan; Bornholm Energi og Forsyning; NUVVE

Duration: 3.5 years (April 2017 - September 2020)

Total budget: 10.2 million DKK (equal to 1.37 million €)

Public funding: 5.5 million DKK (equal to 0.74 million €) supported by EUDP

Live from Bornholm!

Smart charger at Hotel Griffen - balancing the grid by adjusting the charge'

Grid frequencies in DK1 (Jutland), DK2 (Sjælland) and Bornholm